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Recommendations of the week: book, film, TV series, app and quote


I've decided to share with you short selections of what I've read, watched, listened to lately. I plan to do this once a week. I hope you will find it interesting and even useful.

Book Shimon Peres

It just so happens that the books and films I recommended in this selection are about overcoming, strong-spirited people, those who are not afraid to change the world.


Shimon Peres «No Room for Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, and the Making of Modern Israel»

The story of Shimon Peres is the story of the State of Israel. Israel's ninth president, prime minister, defence minister, foreign minister - a partial list of all the positions Peres held during his more than 70-year political career. He was one of those outstanding people who, in his lifetime, could see for themselves that what they had created was the new history of their people, their country, their region. A statesman, a fighter for peace, he did everything possible so that the turbulent Middle East could find stability, good-neighbourly relations and prosperity. Willingness to take risks, make unpopular decisions, admit mistakes - these and many other qualities of the leader repeatedly confirmed Peres' sincere desire to do everything possible for the benefit of the State of Israel and his fellow citizens.Nobel Peace Prize laureate, along with the political settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he considered it necessary to develop relations between Israel and Arab countries in the region and in the world.


Film NYAD Netflix 2023

"NYAD", 2023 is a stunning biopic and a sports drama about overcoming, fortitude and perseverance. This is the true story of Diana Nayad, a 64-year-old American swimmer who decided to do what no one had ever done before – to swim 170 kilometres from the coast of Cuba to Key West, USA. A little spoiler: she managed to do it after 6! attempts.

She was supported by a large team of dedicated professionals. The film touches on a lot of psychological moments, and one of them is overcoming the own ego and being grateful to people who are ready to go with you to the end.


Beckham documentary Netflix 2023

"Beckham", Netflix - even if you're not a football fan, it's worth watching this film for the story of a guy from a London suburb's who became a prominent football player, from making his debut for Manchester United and meeting his future wife Victoria Adams to establishing his own club in the United States. The series also shows how the Beckham family was mistreated by the tabloids. The film includes funny scenes where David and Victoria joke about each other. After the premiere, the funniest moment of the show went viral on social media: in it, Victoria tries to reveal that she grew up in a "simple working family". At that moment, David bursts into the room and demands that his wife tell the camera what car she was driven to school in: "Be honest." After several attempts at denial, Victoria admits: "Rolls-Royce".

AI application

Whisper Memos is an app that records your voice and sends you an email with a transcript in a few minutes. Use it to record quick thoughts, reminders and daily diary entries.

Web site is a useful site to help you find a film or a book that match your taste. Click on Ask Pix at the top, enter your query, such as "A book whose events take place in a bookshop", and the algorithm will pick a few options for you.

Thought of the Day

A diet isn't just about what you eat.

It's what you watch. What you listen to. What you read. The people you talk to.

Consciously choose the things you let into your body emotionally, physically and spiritually.


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