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"Annihilate" Michel Houellebecq

There was no doubt that Michel Houellebecq's new novel would instantly become the best-selling book in France. In the first week, 75,000 copies were sold. 736-page novel was published in an expensive hardcover, unusual for the French book market and designed by the writer himself.

In "To Destroy" ("Anéantir", ed. Flammarion), the 65-year-old Houellebecq returns to themes dear to him: a melancholy, bleak and degenerating world, existential emptiness, the search for love and reflections on death.

Le Monde calls the novel a "political thriller." Le Figaro adds that the author "manoeuvres between sci-fi thriller, political comedy and family melodrama". The novel's protagonist is 47-year-old Paul Raison, a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Destroy is set in the not-too-distant future: during the 2027 presidential campaign.

Although Michel Houellebecq concentrates on the themes of love and death, he is concerned with many other subjects:

Green vegetables, politics, unemployment, Hinduism, God, religion, Satanism, hospital, Islam, suicide, new technologies, Conan Doyle, Europe, migrants, Black Bloc activists, The Glorious Thirty, essential oils, suburban sprawl, family, dental treatment, numerology, euthanasia, the end of capitalism, nuclear energy, the aging of Europe.
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