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Israel Bookshop Guide

The idea for this post came from a small newspaper article. It was about a funny incident in Jerusalem: a thief broke into the literary cafe "Tmol-Shilshhom" sat down to read books. And he was so carried away that he did not even notice how the owner entered the institution, awakened by the alarm.

You can understand this guy. Bookstores create a very comfortable atmosphere.


In Israel, the culture of reading is well developed. There are large book chains and small shops, old second-hand bookshops and modern multistores at museums. Often bookstores are combined with coffee houses, and they host meetings of interest, lectures, exhibitions.

I have highlighted bookstores in Israel that may be of interest to English-speaking and Russian-speaking readers.

Babel, Allenby 19, Tel Aviv

Bookstore in Tel Aviv Babel

A chamber store with a wonderful selection of books in Russian, founded by Lena and Evgeny Kogan. They already had a solid background in the book business. The choice of publications is unique: definitely not a mass market, it meets the tastes of the audience that comes here. The owners of Babel were able to create a space that hosts interesting lectures with writers, poets, photographers, journalists, book club meetings.


Halper's Bookstore, Allenby 87, Tel Aviv

used bookstore in Israel

Like many other great places in Israel, you may not immediately realize from the entrance design that something unique awaits you inside. One of the legendary bookstores located on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv was opened in 1991 by Yosef Halper, originally from New Jersey. You can meet him behind the counter. He recently published his book Tales from a Tel Aviv Bookseller. The store offers a huge selection of used books in English as well as Russian and other languages. Genres include art, history and fiction, science fiction, and comics. Thousands of books, narrow aisles, low light and witty posters on the walls will immerse you in the cozy atmosphere of an old second-hand bookshop.


Bookshop chain Isradon

Isradon bookstore in Israel

This is the largest Russian-language bookstore chain in Israel. The company cooperates with major Russian publishing houses, so the range of books is quite large. In general, the atmosphere in Isradon stores is very familiar and understandable for Russian-speaking readers. I would especially like to say about the branch on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv. Be sure to get acquainted with the sellers, they will advise you on a book to your liking. But first, go to their page Instagram. You will be surprised, but they shoot cool Reels about books.


The Little Prince - bookstore and cafe, King George 19, Tel Aviv and Jaffa St 31, Jerusalem

second-hand bookshop in Israel The Little Prince

The perfect literary haven for bookworms. Home atmosphere created by old armchairs, tables between bookshelves, wooden floors. At the back of the store is a shady courtyard. All this has turned Little Prince into a second home for students, teachers, artists and writers. The store offers a wide selection of books in English, Russian, Hebrew. The Little Prince, with its many eclectic, rare books, is great for those who want to find something unique, not typical. Prices are very affordable. I bought an interior design book in excellent condition for only 40 shekels.

A very pleasant place to get comfortable with a cup of coffee or a glass of cold beer while reading a book or working at the computer. Toward evening, the cafe becomes a bar with a selection of alcoholic cocktails.


Hamigdalor, Mikve Israel 18, Tel Aviv< /strong>

where to go in Israel, where to go in Tel Aviv, bookstores in Israel

Migdalor in Hebrew means lighthouse. And if I decided to open a bookstore, it would be just like that. Huge panoramic windows, two floors, an incredibly stylish interior - and you seem to be in a bookstore somewhere in Copenhagen or Stockholm.

The lighthouse is a place for lovers of books and aesthetics, as well as meetings where you can sit, read, take part in literary events (although most of them are in Hebrew, and sometimes in English).

The store works with various independent publishers from Israel, Europe and the USA. Here you will find the most beautiful books that each of us would be happy to receive or give to our best friends. From the so-called “coffee table books”, Kinfolk design magazines, to books by Annie Leibovitz or Gordon Ramsay's cookbook.


Babel, Shatz 4, Jerusalem

bookstore in Jerusalem Babel

The second time on our list is the name Babel, and it's not just that. As the owner of the store, Yana Bukchina, wrote in the headline of social networks: “Babel Jerusalem opened, the Babel TA franchise. Not a feat, of course, but there is something heroic in it. I highly recommend subscribing to their page to keep track of new book releases and event announcements. The way they write book summaries is a separate art form. Although the store is compact, the energy in it boils, like that of a large cultural center. In Babel you will find a unique selection of books for adults and children.

To prevent this note from becoming a long-read, I mentioned those books that I know personally. Perhaps you know and love some other stores.


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