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3 Lifestyle blog accounts that inspire

We are so spoiled for "quality content" and "inspiring stories" that it's sometimes hard to find "the one" for the soul. Today we want to share with you Instagram blogs that inspire us not only with beautiful photos, but also with content.

lifestyle blog Chloé Crane-Leroux
Photos by @chloecleroux

Chloe conquered millions of subscribers with her intellectual beauty. She is a photographer based in New York where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. Possessing an innate sense of composition and taste, she quickly became popular.

Initially interested in fashion photography, Chloe quite naturally developed an increasingly prominent interest in food and design, areas in which she decided to pursue a career. Her Instagram is a mix of lifestyle, food and travel photography.

Aesthetic lifestyle blog Athena Calderone
Photos by @eyeswoon

Athena is an interior designer, writer, food and lifestyle blogger, and creative director. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, son, and dog Tuco. Her website, where she shares decorating, fashion and cooking tips, is very popular with over 1 million Instagram subscribers. Surely you have seen her books in the decor and cooking section Live beautiful and "Cook beautiful" as they are absolute bestsellers on Amazon.

Nastya Tsvetaeva lifestyle blogger
Photos by @nastia_tsvetaeva

Nastya lives in Israel with three children and her husband. An actress and journalist, she realizes her creative potential on the Instagram blog, which already has more than 1 million subscribers. She accompanies beautiful photos and videos with texts that are interesting to read and want to bookmark. Nastya writes about travel, family, films, interior design and, of course, Tel Aviv. She embodied her love for this city, thematic travel and aesthetics in the See With Us project, in which, together with friend Veronika Solovyanova they take special walks through galleries and interior stores.


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